Manav Seva Sangh

Manav Seva Sangh is an organization dedicated to the spiritual development of the seekers. It was founded in 1952 in Vrindavan by BrahmalinPujayapad Swami Sharnanandji Maharaj. Its main office is located in Vrindavan. It has about 44 branches all over in India. Besides Vrindavan, it also has ashrams in Jaipur, Kanpur, Ghazipur, and Ranci.

Pujayapad Swami Sharnanandji Maharaj became Brahmalin in the year 1974.  After Swamiji, his main disciple, Param-Vidusi, Divya Jyoti Devaki ji took care of the administration of the Manav Seva Sangh. In 1992, Divya Jyoti Devaki ji too became one with the Supreme Light. After that, Pujapad Swamiji’s blessed disciple Swami Advaita Chaitanya ji and Sadhvi Arpita ji took care of the operations of this organization.

Throughout the year, these two honorable-souls have been guiding the auspicious gatherings of satsangs in various assemblies and branches located throughout the country. Once a year, on the auspicious occasion of the Holi Festival, a grand satsang-gathering is organized at the main office of Vrindavan in which all the members of the Sangh and the representatives from various branches and assemblies participate.

Nourished by the dynamic dedication of its life-time workers, this organization is always steadfast on the path of progress.