Rajasthan Government recognized SEAIT as an authorized centre for BMT.

Rajasthan State Government after providing free medical facilities including free iron chelation medicines and blood tests for thalassemia major patients has now, a step ahead issued order on 17th April, 2013 authorizing SEAIT as an authorized hospital for treatment of such patients.

South East Asia Institute for Thalassemia (SEAIT) is a joint collaboration of Manav Sewa Sangh, Prem Niketan Hospital, Jaipur,India and Cure 2 Children Foundation, Florence, Italy, for the screening, detection and diagnosis of Thalassemia and blood disorders including blood cancer. SEAIT is a centre committed to the cure of children with severe blood disorders in particular,transfusion dependent thalassemia by bone marrow transplantation.

Low Income Category non BPL thalassemia major patients, whose annual family income is upto Rs. 2.50 lacs, can now undergo treatment at SEAIT. For Bone Marrow Transplant of thalassemia major patients, financial support would be provided from Rajasthan Chief Minister Relief Fund. SEAIT the only BMT Centre working in Rajasthan for the eradication of thalassemia, after due recognizition from the State Govt. will now be able to perform transplants of low income group thalassemics.

For BMT lacs of funds are required and only financially sound patients were able to go for it. This effort of State Govt. has enlightened the way of living full and healthy life to such BPL patients also who could have never thought of the treatment. This has shown how empathetic and caring the State Govt. is towards thalassemia major patients.

Approval by Govt. of Rajasthan as an authorized centre along with financial aid will go a long way in fulfilling the mission and vision of the hospital to serve the Thalassemics as a nonpolitical, secular nonprofit organization.

SEAIT and thalassemia patients express heartfelt gratitude to Hon’ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan Sh. Ashok Gehlotji and State Government for this support.

Source: http://www.seaitindia.org/blog/authorized.html