That which is the truth of your life is not the fruition of your travail, your laborious effort.  It is innately proffered to you. It is realized in awareness that nothing is mine, I don’t want anything whatever. That I don’t possess anything is a realization through awareness. And you have been endued with this awareness. Accordingly the truth that God is my own is realized in faith. You are already provided with this elemental essence of faith.

Similarly, the problem of world-peace is resolved by bringing strength of energy into beneficent services to the people; strength, energy is already granted to you. You are endowed with energy, wisdom and faith. This quintessential strength, wisdom and faith in your life is not the fruit of any of your special work done by diligence of self-effort.

Had it been the upshot of special effort, some skilled exertion, you could have constructed the machinery to produce and procure faith, awareness and capable strength. Nevertheless, it is a truth proved through experience that strength flourishes by prudent, beneficent use, freedom is attained by reverence for awareness and devotion to God is earned through abiding by faith in Him. Thus, the basic power of energy, strength, is gifted to you. Accordingly, intrinsic awareness and faith are granted to you. So that you should be useful to the world by the power of your given strength, energy. You may get release from the feeling of me-mine, desire and attachment and get liberated enlightened by innately given luminosity of awareness. The primordial faith gifted to you can be quickened enough to transform you into a soulful kinship with God to become His devotee.

Now, look! You have worked out the three life-projects on your own. Which are the schedules, the projects on the pith? You have decided not to misuse your energy or have decided to eschew the vanity of putting it to good use and renounce its consequent fruition. You have accomplished the sequence on Your own. You didn’t have to take help of the body for making your mind not to misuse your strength. You didn’t have to derive help from the world for its execution. You didn’t require the help of the body and the world for refusing to seek the result of the beneficent use of your energy or any boost to your ego for this abnegation.

Thus, that which is done by oneself in harmony with the truth of life is called Satsang. What else is Satsang? It is autonomous, self-reliant, independent fulfillment of responsibility. Satsang emanates from the intrinsic centre, the mode of being of man. Satsang is the Swadharm of man. As you awakened, eschewed misuse of energy; gave up the result and the vanity of putting it to good use, your attachment to the world was broken off. But look, your entanglement with the world is dismantled; you are not alienated from the world, it is not deserted or given up. Moreover, your being enmeshed in the world obstructed the sadhana, not the world itself. Our entanglement in the world is the obstruction in sadhana bringing it to inert standstill; the world itself is no hindrance on its own. Therefore, with the break-up of attachment to the world, whatever has been the barrier in sadhana is eliminated forever.

Source: Ascent Triconfluent by Brahmalīn Pujayapād Swāmī Sharnānandjī Mahārāj.